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We all stand on the shoulders of adoption Activist/Artist/Birth Family Search pioneer, Nathalie “Mihi” Lemoine. Here’s the documentary of her work filmed in 1994 by KBS
Saramkwa saram deul (1994, KBS TV)

A TV docuemntary program on Cho Mihee activist work entitled “People and people”.
Cho Mihee (aka Mihee-Nathalie Lemoine) is volunteering to help adult adoptees to find their birth parents. Early the year 1994, she co-founded EKL-Korea (Euro-Korean League-Korean Branch) and established the first ever Korean adult adoptees group in Korea. Activism and social gatherings were organized to help o’seas adoptees returning to Korea or/and searching for birth-parents and helping the Korean society to understand the adult adoptees returning and what were their specific needs.
Raising an awareness of the international adoption issue in the South Korean society.
This part features the search of Haeyoung a French adoptee.